Swishing is back!

This Saturday 25th October 2014 sees our first swish in 16 months! Our regulars (and us) are extremely excited to return and fashion swap our clothing, shoes, handbags, jewellery and accessories so time to sift your wardrobe!

Remember we encourage you to bring along items that you love but simply no longer wear as it was for a one off occasion, you thought you liked it but never wore it or simply you changed size or image. Be proud to swap what you bring – it’s lovely to give a piece of clothing new life!

The venue will be the buzzing Highball Climbing Centre with free parking and a lovely cafe to refresh mid browsing.

Swishing is fashion swapping and for just the cost of a ticket £6.50-8.50 you can refresh your wardrobe. Those new to our events; for every item you bring we give you points on a style card in return. Every item brought is tagged with a point value and displayed as though in a shop. You browse while the items come in throughout the event and then we call the swish! Once you hear swish you can select your items and check them out, any points leftover will rollover to future events.

So, get the buzz of shopping without the huge price tag!

Call Claire 07766000395 for more details.


Designer Swishing

Designer Swishing is appealing at this next swish. Although it costs a couple of quid more it means you get twice the swishing fun in one night! We can’t expect Gucci and Prada but think along the lines of Coast, Ted Baker, Mint Velvet, Karen Millen…Items submitted to this swish have to be in fabulous condition, worn once or well looked after! Ballgowns and Wedding Dresses are also accepted into this swish – perfect for that special occasion.
Tickets £8.50 (entry to regular and designer swishes) via Eventbrite (The Style Revolution). To qualify you need to bring at least one item of clothing or shoes for the designer swish.
Any questions just ask, Claire & Val


Parking at the venue

There are plenty of options nearby! Due to the timing of the event 5.30-9pm you can take advantage of parking in the local streets in and around the venue for free after 6pm or park at Castle Mall £1.50 after 6pm, St Andrews £1.70 after 6.30pm plus, car share with your buddies or catch the bus (Castle Meadow or Tombland stops are best!)

How Do I Buy Tickets?

We have joined forces with Eventbrite to sell our tickets prior to the event on Monday 22nd July 2013. This is so that we can be fully prepared for the number of attendees:)

Simply click the link and grab your Earlybird tickets;

Regular Swish £6.50 in advance (£8.50 on the door)

Designer Swish £8.50 (£10.50 on the door)


You will also receive 100 BONUS POINTS on your style card for booking online! 

See you there, Claire & Val



What is swishing?

A swish is an event that encourages women to part with items in their wardrobe they love but no longer wear for one reason or another. At The Style Revolution we accept only items that are in good condition and ask that you be proud to swap what you bring. 

Items accepted: Shoes, Handbags, Belts, Scarves, Jewellery, Dresses, Skirts, Trousers, Jeans, Tops, Shirts & Jackets.

All items you bring along are given points based on what category they fall in ie: shoes = 50 points. The total number of points are written on a style card. All items are then tagged with the point value and displayed to create a shop feel. Items are being added through the night so you get to browse in this time. We then stop the browsing and call “swish” and you go round selecting the items you wish to take home – it’s a treasure trove! Any points you do not use are rolled over to future events.

If you have valuable items that are harder to part with you can check them in to the Designer Swish where point value increases and you get to swap for something of equal value. Please note items must be in immaculate condition! (You can spend the points gained in both regular and designer swishes).

Any questions just ask thestyle_revolution@yahoo.co.uk

June/July Newsletter



Next event is being held at Open on Bank Plain in Norwich city centre. The hiring of this venue supports local youth projects. Support your community with a fun evening of swishing on Monday 22nd July 2013 5.30-8.30pm.

Welcome to our first ever newsletter! In the 3 years that Claire & Val have been helping you to master the art of swishing and recycle your beautiful wardrobes this next swish is destined to be their biggest ever!

A swish with The Style Revolution team is all about an evening of fun that lets you go home with new items to freshen up your wardrobes whether it be; clothes, shoes, handbags or jewellery/accessories.

Earlybird Tickets are available through www.eventbrite.co.uk tap in The Style Revolution –

£6.50 – Regular Swish or

£8.50 – Regular & Designer Swish. Tickets purchased on the door will be £8.50/10.50.

Along with some lovely local businesses joining us on the night to entertain you we have a new sponsor in the form of BETTER FITNESS guru Sean Newton who offers a diverse range of classes and effective group & 1-to-1 personal training to achieve your fitness goals.

Local businesses on the night are in the form of some lovely businesswoman who have turned their passion into a business. Bring a few pennies to spend at Little Pea Creations, MULK, More Than Words Speech Therapy, Ruth Thomson, Perfection Skin Clinic & Love Your Skin London.

We appreciate that you may be coming straight from work so we are creating a beautiful, elevated sanctuary above the swish in which you can enjoy some pampering with the Decleor team. Book your place in the retreat for only £5! Aromatherapy and relaxation at its best. Of course we couldn’t be without a little sugar in the form of cupcakes provided by Vanilla Cloud Bakery for only 50p or a £1.

Congratulations to Frances Kemp who was the first to book her swish ticket online and as a reward has earned herself 500 style points!

All tickets purchased online will receive 100 bonus style points which equates to two dresses or four tops or four pairs of trousers, two pairs of shoes or 10 accessories!

In the rare case that you are a lady without items to bring you can still swish with a Style Booster Ticket where for £10 you receive entry to the regular swish and 500 points to spend. Get in touch if you are interested in this option.

e: thestyle_revolution@yahoo.co.uk

t: Claire on 07766 000395